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Hockey Players Hypothesis – Normal Distribution

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How tall are college hockey players? The average height has been 68.3 inches. A random sample of 14 hockey players gave a mean height of 69.1 inches. We may assume that x has a normal distribution with σ = 0.9 inch. Does this indicate that the population means height is different from 68.3 inches? Use 5% level of significance.

a) State the null and the alternate hypothesis.
b) Identify the sampling distribution to be used: the standard normal distribution or the Student’s t distribution. Find the critical value(s).
c) Compute the z or t value of the sample test statistic.
d) Find the P value or an interval containing the P value for the sample test statistic.
e) Based on your answers to a through d, decide whether or not to reject the null hypothesis at the given significance level. Explain your conclusion in the context of the problem.

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