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Multiple choice questions based on Sampling distribution.

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1.   Drawing a sample of church members by first drawing a random sample of churches and then randomly sampling members from the selected churches is called a _________ sample.

  1. whole
  2. holy
  3. cluster
  4. stratified

2.  For a regional survey of suburban households to obtain data on television viewing habits, a statistical sample of suburban areas is first selected.  Within the chosen areas, statistical samples of whole blocks are selected; and within the selected blocks, random samples of households are selected.  This type of sample selection can be best described as:

  1. Attribute sampling
  2. Stratified sampling
  3. Cluster sampling
  4. Interval sampling

3.  A simple random sample requires that: -

  1. The population be unbiased
  2. Every item in the population has an equal chance of being selected
  3. The distribution or original data be approximately normal
  4. The expected deviation rate be low (less than 5%)

4.  Convenience sampling is also referred to as:

  1. Purposive sampling
  2. Quota sampling
  3. Judgment sampling
  4. Accidental sampling

5.  Which is not a form of probability sampling?

  1. Simple random sample
  2. Systematic sample
  3. Stratified sample
  4. Convenience sample

6.  Which of the following is an example of non-statistical sampling?

  1. Sequential sampling
  2. Attribute sampling
  3. Haphazard sampling
  4. Random sampling

7.  The advantage of using statistical sampling techniques is that such techniques:

  1. Mathematically measure risks
  2. Eliminate the need for judgmental decisions
  3. Are easier to use than other sampling techniques
  4. Have been established in the courts to be superior to non-statistical sampling.

8.  An underlying feature of random-based selection of items in an accounting population is that each -

  1. Stratum of the accounting population is given equal representation in that sample.
  2. Items in the accounting population are randomly ordered.
  3. Items in the accounting population should have an opportunity to be selected
  4. Items must be systematically selected using the replacement method.

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