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Simple Linear regression and correlation coefficient.

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Students in a management science class have just received their grades on the first test. The instructor has provided information about the first test grades in some previous classes as well as th efinal average for the same students. Some of these grades have been sampled and are as follows:

STUDENT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1st test grade 98 77 88 80 96 61 66 95 69
Final average 93 78 84 73 84 64 64 95 76

a) Develop a regression model that could be used to predict the final average in the course based on the first test grade

b) Predict the final average of a student who made an 83 on the first test.

c) Give the values of r and r2 for this model . Interpret  the value of r2 in the  context of this problem.

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