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An economic analysis of a specific news article related to economics, complete with graphs and concepts related to the article.

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You will be asked to collect five (5) newspaper articles relating to subjects we are covering in the class. As we cover the various chapters you should be actively searching newspapers/magazines to find articles. The articles should be found in either a newspaper or magazine or from a news source. If you hear a potential example on the radio (in a news report), then go to the internet and secure a printable version of the news story. News articles should be recent (that is, published during the course of the semester).
The topics can be a single term (surplus, shortage, externalities, GDP, unemployment, etc.) or phrases and ideas given in the textbook (fiscal stimulus consumer confidence, monetary policy, price floors/ceilings, etc.)


Cut out/print the articles and attach it to a black piece of paper. In front of each of the articles should be your Journal entry: write a brief essay, one-half page to a page or more. First, define the economic concept (one paragraph minimum) and explain why the article is an example of this concept and what is changing in the article (one paragraph minimum) and the graph. You should also relate your analysis to your graph. All your analysis should contain a graph of a model we used in class. Graphs must be neatly drawn, PROPERLY labeled, and legible.


The graphs included in your analysis should be graphs of the dynamic economic models we have studied in class. Some possible graphs include:
. The production possibilities curve
. Supply/demand model
. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply model . Money Supply and Demand

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