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Statistics › Sampling Distribution › Solution Id 6631

Multiple choice questions based on Sampling distribution.

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1.   Drawing a sample of church members by first drawing a random sample of churches and then randomly sampling members from the selected ch... Read More

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Economics › Microeconomics › Solution Id 7773

Given the compensation plans, analyze the plans and commission to sales people and the choice for life and auto insuranc...

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1. Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Structuring Compensation Plans Parkleigh Pharmacy is a department store in Rochester, NY, specializing in upscale,... Read More

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Economics › Macroeconomics › Solution Id 14653

Discussion on the causes of the stagflation of 1973 and 1979.

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1.(Stagflation) what were some of the causes of the stagflation of 1973 and 1979? In what ways were these episodes of stagflation different from the g... Read More

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Accounting › Financial Accounting › Solution Id 10752

Journal entries for consolidation assuming equity method to account for investment.

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Crane Mechanics acquired 75 percent of Downey Enterprises on March 31, 2005, for $3,645,000. Downey’s book value at that date totaled $4,000,000... Read More

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Economics › Microeconomics › Solution Id 6053

The relation between Total product, marginal product and average product.

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I have completed the table by calculating marginal product and average product from the data given. I need help with the graphs and the other stuff be... Read More

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Accounting › Managerial Accounts › Solution Id 13367

Identifying cost equation in the multiple choice

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 In the standard cost formula Y = a + bX, what does the "b" represent? total cost total fixed cost total variable cost variable... Read More

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Accounting › Plant assets › Solution Id 2955

Valuation of plant assets and land as per GAAPs.

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Martin Buber Co. purchased land as a factory site for $400,000. The company paid $42,000 to raise the old buildings and sold salvaged lumber and brick... Read More

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Accounting › Accounting Basics › Solution Id 3312

Multiple choice questions on partnership and fundamentals of accounts.

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1. After one year of operation of the Smith & Kline partnership, Smith’s capital account contains a balance of $46,000 and Kline’s cap... Read More

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Math › Geometry › Solution Id 327

Derivation of distance formula in 3 dimensions

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Write an essay of 1,000 words explaining how to derive the formula for the distance between two points in analytic geometry 3-space. 1. Describe all t... Read More

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Economics › Microeconomics › Solution Id 14652

Calculation of market clearing price and quantity.

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Suppose a highly competitive market is described by the following supply and demand functions S= 3P=90 and  D=7910 -5P .suppose also that a repre... Read More

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Accounting › Marginal Costing basics › Solution Id 5726

Multiple choice questions on Marginal costing.

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1. Which costs will change with an increase in activity within the relevant range? Unit fixed cost and total fixed cost Unit variable cost and total ... Read More

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Math › Algebra › Solution Id 429

Solving systems of Linear Equations by substitution method.

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Solve the system of equations using the substitution method.If the answer is a unique solution, present it as an ordered pair: (x, y). If not, specify... Read More

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Statistics › Descriptive Statistics › Solution Id 12307

Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data.

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Explain and give an example for each of the following types of variables. A)     Rank-order B)     Nominal C)&... Read More

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Accounting › Inventory Costing › Solution Id 5722

Calculating Ending Inventory under Retail Inventory Method and calculation of loss from Shrinkage at Cost & Retail.

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The records of Alaina Co. provide the following information for the year ended December 31:   At Cost At Retail Jan. 1 Beginning Iven... Read More

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Chemistry › Chemical Reactions › Solution Id 14009

Determine the limiting reactant, excess reactant, mass of the product, and the mass of the excess reactant.

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The reaction between solid sodium and Iron (III) oxide is one in a series of reactions that inflates an automobile airbag. 6Na(s)  +   ... Read More

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