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Accounting › Cost Accounting › Solution Id 8551

Determined with absorption costing & direct costing.

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1. The shift in the amount of manufacturing overhead costs applied to the mix of products produced that occurs when using a single cost driver rate as... Read More

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Business Management › Operations management › Solution Id 4162

Multiple choice questions based on total quality management.

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1. Which of the following is not a location option that management can consider in location planning? a. expand an existing facilityb. add a new locat... Read More

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Economics › Microeconomics › Solution Id 6053

The relation between Total product, marginal product and average product.

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I have completed the table by calculating marginal product and average product from the data given. I need help with the graphs and the other stuff be... Read More

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Finance › Investment › Solution Id 9017

Multiple choice questions on portfolio Management.

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Church Inc. is presently enjoying relatively high growth because of a surge in the demand for its new product. Management expects earnings and divide... Read More

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Accounting › Accounting Basics › Solution Id 3539

Effect of errors in journalizing and posting on trial balance.

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The bookkeeper for Shirley Temple’s dance studio made the following errors in journalizing and posting. 1. A credit to Supplies of $600 was omit... Read More

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Finance › Bond valuation › Solution Id 3246

Multiple choice questions on bond valuation.

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1) Long-term debt that matures within one year and is to be converted into stock should be reported as a current liability. in a special section betw... Read More

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English › Compare and contrast › Solution Id 7234

Compare and contrast The story of an Hour and A rose for Emily

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Comparison and Contrast: Emily vs Louise Short stories the story of an Hour and A rose for Emily are story about two different lives of two women: bot... Read More

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Finance › Financial Accounting › Solution Id 14330

Theory question on posting Balance Sheet events.

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Post-Balance-Sheet Events For each of the following subsequent (post-balance-sheet) events, indicate whether a company should (a) adjust the financial... Read More

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Economics › Macroeconomics › Solution Id 14651

Explaining the relation between macroeconomic variables.

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Describe the relationship between each of the following variables based on the experience of the U.S. economy over the past 30 years. (a)   ... Read More

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Accounting › Marginal Costing basics › Solution Id 5726

Multiple choice questions on Marginal costing.

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1. Which costs will change with an increase in activity within the relevant range? Unit fixed cost and total fixed cost Unit variable cost and total ... Read More

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Accounting › Financial Accounting › Solution Id 10752

Journal entries for consolidation assuming equity method to account for investment.

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Crane Mechanics acquired 75 percent of Downey Enterprises on March 31, 2005, for $3,645,000. Downey’s book value at that date totaled $4,000,000... Read More

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Statistics › Decision Analysis › Solution Id 4422

Examine the rules and write a report summarizing your findings on which rule to use.

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It was a little past 9:00 on a Monday morning when Jeff Baker walked into your office with a box of donuts. “I’ve been talking with Anne a... Read More

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Finance › Capital Budgeting › Solution Id 5505

Capital budgeting multiple choice questions

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1. A firm has forecasted sales of $4,000 in January, $6,000 in February and $5,500 in March. All sales are on credit. 40% is collected the month of sa... Read More

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Accounting › Accounting Basics › Solution Id 3312

Multiple choice questions on partnership and fundamentals of accounts.

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1. After one year of operation of the Smith & Kline partnership, Smith’s capital account contains a balance of $46,000 and Kline’s cap... Read More

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Statistics › Hypothesis Testing › Solution Id 10870

Hypothesis test for one population proportion.

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1. Fifteen accounting majors had an average grade of 90 on a finance exam. Seven marketing majors averaged 85, while ten finance majors averaged 93 on... Read More

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