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Economics › Microeconomics › Solution Id 7773

Given the compensation plans, analyze the plans and commission to sales people and the choice for life and auto insuranc...

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1. Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Structuring Compensation Plans Parkleigh Pharmacy is a department store in Rochester, NY, specializing in upscale,... Read More

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Statistics › Probability › Solution Id 12303

Estimating the mean, variance, and standard deviation values based on probability distribution.

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Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation of the number of wooden sailboats constructed in a month, using the probability distribution in x ... Read More

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Accounting › Ratio Analysis › Solution Id 3363

Multiple choice questions related to ratio analysis

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1.The quick ratio is considered more useful than the current ratio for Evaluating the profitability of a business that sells inventory very quickly... Read More

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Statistics › Operation Research › Solution Id 7117

Transportation problem using Modi method.

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Initial table -no allocation yet Optimal solution by Modi method. According to the given table, which presents a MODI solution for a transportat... Read More

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Accounting › Business and Accounts Fundamentals › Solution Id 10755

Capital, Drawing, Service revenue, Rent expenses, Supplies expenses, Utilities expenses.

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Record the following transactions in the general journal.  Use ONLY these account titles:  Cash; Accounts Receivable; Supplies; Equipment; A... Read More

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Accounting › Cost Accounting › Solution Id 8254

Calculation of Time period when the company should harvest the forest analyzing the pros and cons.

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Bunyan Lumber, LLC, harvests timber and delivers logs to timber mils for sale.  The company was founded 70 years ago by Pete Bunyan.  The cu... Read More

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Statistics › Testing › Solution Id 6634

Hypothesis testing for difference between two population means.

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During the 2003 season, Major League Baseball took steps to speed up the play of base-ball games in order to maintain fan interest (CNN Headline News,... Read More

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Accounting › Working Capital management › Solution Id 10758

Calculating original loan amount and Effective annual rate of return.

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1. In order to restructure some of its debt, General Motors decided to pay off one of its short-term loans.  If the company borrowed the money 1 ... Read More

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English › Grammar › Solution Id 4156

Multiple choice questions on grammar and mechanics of writing.

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1. Which one of the following sentences uses the apostrophe correctly?A. She enjoyed the movie and told me it’s scenery reminded her of her home... Read More

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Statistics › Hypothesis Testing › Solution Id 10870

Hypothesis test for one population proportion.

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1. Fifteen accounting majors had an average grade of 90 on a finance exam. Seven marketing majors averaged 85, while ten finance majors averaged 93 on... Read More

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Chemistry › Chemical Reactions › Solution Id 14009

Determine the limiting reactant, excess reactant, mass of the product, and the mass of the excess reactant.

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The reaction between solid sodium and Iron (III) oxide is one in a series of reactions that inflates an automobile airbag. 6Na(s)  +   ... Read More

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Statistics › Hypothesis Testing › Solution Id 10872

List the coefficient coding.

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List the coefficient coding for the following contrasts: a. µ1 versus u.2 b. µl versus mean of µ2 and µ3 c. µ3 versus me... Read More

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Statistics › Sampling Distribution › Solution Id 6631

Multiple choice questions based on Sampling distribution.

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1.   Drawing a sample of church members by first drawing a random sample of churches and then randomly sampling members from the selected ch... Read More

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Accounting › Accounting Basics › Solution Id 3539

Effect of errors in journalizing and posting on trial balance.

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The bookkeeper for Shirley Temple’s dance studio made the following errors in journalizing and posting. 1. A credit to Supplies of $600 was omit... Read More

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Chemistry › Others › Solution Id 13770

Test the reactivity of alkyl halides.

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Reactivites of some Alkyl Halides Complete the following table as perform the tests. Use the code P,NP,C and NC as indicated in the table in reperting... Read More

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