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This is a representative list of objectives / topics covered in our Grade 8 Math Tutoring program. However, all tutoring programs will be customized for the individual student as required.

Online Tutoring - Grade 8  Math

The Number System

    • Knowing that there are numbers that are not rational, and approximating them by rational numbers.

Expressions and Equations

    • Working with radicals and integer exponents.
    • Understanding the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations.
    • Analyzing and solving linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.


    • Defining, evaluating, and comparing functions.
    • Using functions to model relationships between quantities.


    • Understanding congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, or geometry software.
    • Understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.
    • Solving real-world and mathematical problems involving volume of cylinders, cones and spheres.

Statistics and Probability

    • Investigating patterns of association in bivariate data.
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