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Online Tutoring - K12 English

Communication and Language skills are essential for your success in school. Classof1 tutors can help you establish a strong grasp on your English and literature skills, helping you to not only succeed in the classroom, but also in life.

How do we teach you English?

Learning English can be made really interactive with a little help from the right tutor. Learning English starts with mastering the basics of grammar. Our tutors provide practice exercises and assessments to help you master the basics of grammar.Our vast collection of essays written on a variety of topics over the years is used to help the student understand, appreciate and practice various essay writing styles.

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Online Tutoring Price List

Package Session Price
1 Month 12 $149
1 Month 20 $219
2 Month 30 $299
3 Month 70 $599
6 Month 120 $1,199
Regular Hourly Rate 1 $15 per Hour