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This is a representative list of objectives / topics covered in our Grade 12 Math Tutoring program. However, all tutoring programs will be customized for the individual student as required.

Online Tutoring - Grade 12  Math


  • Compare and order whole numbers up to 10
  • Count to twenty
  • Count the sets or groups
  • Relate, read and write numerals for single-digit numbers
  • Construct multiple sets of objects
  • Represent and use whole numbers in flexible ways, including relating, composing and decomposing numbers
  • Identify and state the value of a penny, nickel and dime
  • Combine and separate small sets of objects in contextual situations
  • Count on (forward) on a number line between 0 and 10 count back (backward) on a number line between 0 and 10
  • Demonstrate joining multiple groups of objects, each containing the same number of objects
  • Partition or share a small set of objects into groups of equal size
  • Recognize the number or quantity of sets up to 5 without counting


  • Identify units of time
  • Compare calendar elements
  • Compare and order objects
  • Measure length and volume
  • Order events based on time


  • Identify and describe two-dimensional figures
  • Identify and describe three-dimensional Objects
  • Sort shapes and objects into groups based on student-defined categories
  • Select all shapes or objects of one type from a group
  • Build two-dimensional figures
  • Name and demonstrate the relative position of objects


  • Identify how objects are alike and different
  • Order three events or objects according to a given attribute
  • Recognize and explain how objects can be classified in more than one way
  • Identify what attribute was used to sort groups of objects that have already been sorted
  • Identify, create, extend and copy sequences of sounds, shapes, motions and numbers from 1 to 10
  • Describe orally the pattern of a given sequence
  • Model a problem situation using physical materials


  • Gather and sort data in response to questions posed by teacher and students
  • Arrange objects in a floor or table graph according to attributes
  • Select the category or categories that have the most or fewest objects in a floor or table graph.
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3 Month 70 $599
6 Month 120 $1,199
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Live chat assistance for grade 12th math online tutoring