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General Characteristics:

  • The members of Nemathelminthes are pseudocoelomate, vermiform bilaterally symmetrical, unsegmented animals.
  • These animals are in an organ-system grade of body organization.
  • These are free living or parasitic worms. In free living some are aquatic and some are terrestrial.
  • The body is cylindrical, elongated and unsegmented and usually pointed at both ends.
  • The name of the phylum Nematyhelminthes is derived by their resemblance to slender threads.
  • Mostly small sized, some are microscopic and some a meter or more in length.
  • There is sexual dimorphism. Males are always smaller than females.
  • Body is covered by a protective cuticle. It is resistant to the action of digestive juices of the host.
  • The epidermal cells are without cell limits. So the nuclei are scattered in the cytoplasm. Such an epidermis is called syncytium.
  • The body cavity is a pseudocoel, i.e. it is not lined by coelomic epithelium.
  • The alimentary canal is simple, straight with a mouth, anus and specialized pharynx and without digestive glands.
  • Respiration and circulatory systems are absent.
  • Excretory system consists of protonephridia and has excretory canals. Flame cells are absent.
  • Nervous system consists of a nerve ring. Nerve trunks arises form the nerve ring anteriorly and posteriorly.
  • Sense organs occur in the form of papillae and amphids.
  • Sexes are separate. The hind end of the male is usually covered with a cloaca and one or two copulatory spicule. The hind end of the females is straight with anus.
  • Some are oviparous, some are viviparous and still others are ovovivparous.
  • Eggs are covered with chitinous shell and cleavage is determinate and spiral.
  • Life cycle exhibits great variation with or without intermediate host. There is a moulting larval stage in the life cycle. is a pioneer in online tutoring and homework help. Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject areas and have been helping students since 2003. For immediate Nemathelminthes homework help, use the homework-help form present on this page. You can also get help with your Nemathelminthes homework by writing to

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