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The Conflict Model

The conflict model of criminal justice refers to the argument that the organizations of a criminal justice system have to do to work competitively to produce justice. It is also known as non-System perspective or system conflict theory. System conflict theory states that the causes of the criminal justice to conflict are due to worries over fame, promotions, wages, and success.  Therefore the perspective states that there is no true system and points to the role of adversarial processes. These processes are seen to be basic to the "system", and the fact that many criminal justice organizations habitually share any information.

There are two schools of thoughts for the conflict model perspectives. The above stated facts are from one school of thought. Both the groups which argue that the conflict model follow it and believe it is the reality of criminal justice, but the consensus model is the ideal. The Consensus Model, also known as Systems Perspective of criminal justice states that the organizations of a criminal justice system either do, or should, work cooperatively to produce justice.

An example of conflict within the system is the one exists between the police and prison officials. Under this situation the model argues that police desire to put criminals into prison whereas prison officials who are concerned about overcrowded facilities may desire to release criminals from prison.

Jerome Skolnick has stated under this model that the clearance rates demonstrates the reality of the Conflict Model by encouraging police to focus on appearing to do their job and not just on actually doing their job. It regards to the argument of standardized testing, and "teaching to the test".


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