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Sociological Theory Of Crime Causation Homework Help

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Sociological Theory Of Crime Causation

Sociological theory projects that a crime happens because of disaffiliation of a single person from a group of conscience or anomie, or social disarrangement, or due to failure in becoming a proper socialized individual, or through learning criminal behaviors or values.

Sociological theory of crime causation implies on certain policies are: -

  • Crime is contained within a boundary which is reasonable.
  • Coordinating and authorizing residents in neighborhood.
  • Aspiration is reduced.
  • Increasing decriminalized opportunities.
  • Law enduring models must be provided.
  • Behavior of law enduring should be rewarded.
  • Any behavior relating to crime is to be punished.
  • Bringing up small children in such a way by which they can control themselves and don’t go against the law and order.
  • Eliminating rewards of crime.

Certain assumptions made by Sociological theory of crime causation are here under: -

  • Social realism’s nature exists in a state of flux. Reality of society is thought as a construction by us, basically an artifact of acculturation and interaction of society.
  • The significance of experience and consequences are conferred by participants participating in some or the other interaction, on them.
  • Significances are calculated from the past experiences and are conferred on experience experienced in distinctive and revenant ways.
  • Behavior of criminal is multifariously taken by victims, society, offender, and agents who are involved in controlling social work.
  • Offenders of crime and pervert individuals attain their position by socialistic virtue.
  • Behavior of crime is being repeated again and again because of the outcome of very less opportunity of acceptance of the criminals by the society.

Analytical views that throw light on Sociological theory of crime causation are: -

  • Consensus perspective – Society members together agree to discriminate between wrong and right and other society’s elements.
  • Pluralistic perspective – Is a tool for keeping peace which allows agencies and officers of government in settling disputes between any one, and the settlement should be accepted by all who are involved.
  • Conflict approach – Law is the tool which settles the conflicts.


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Live chat assistance with sociological theory of crime causation homework help
Live chat assistance with sociological theory of crime causation homework help