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Social Conflict Theory

Theory of Social Conflict is defined as the “heat” which is generated due to friction occurred between opposite parties involved in the argument. Social conflict theory is considered to play a role which is positive, understood when properly, in advancing groups in finding the ground which is common for both, forming the bond, basic value is defined, find the main cause of differences, and find out the solution which is favorable for both the parties.

Characteristics of social conflict theory are mentioned here under:-

  • Inequality – This is stated as one of the characteristics of social conflict theory. It means there is unequal dispersion of gender, money, age, and class. A person espousing the perspective of social conflict believes that race, class, and gender must not be the reason for leading to preferred treatment.
  • Social class conflict – This is mostly outlined as a person’s status, income, and education fees. Attainment of education is the most effective boulevard for ascertaining employment together with the path to increase the income.  Along with our income being increased our status too increases which adds us in the category of the higher class or social class of the society.
  • Social change – Social change is lead because of the above two characteristics.

Social conflict theory can be explained from the following elements:-

  • Society’s composition includes many societal groups. The groups are distinguished from each other based on some significant features like gender, class, or sexually.
  • Definitions for wrong and right is different for all groups. Moral views and standard of behavior varies.
  • There are many chances of occurrence of conflicts due to differences in views, class, gender etc., which in general cannot be avoided.
  • Political power’s exercise is the center for all the conflicts between groups.
  • Law is regarded as the power’s tool.


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