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Micro Practice

Micro practice, one of the three levels of social work practice, focuses on aforethought changes for and with the individuals. In micro practice practitioners serve the population including different types of systems of client which includes couples families and individuals. Practice in this type of level is known as the direct practice as clients are being delivered services directly by having contact face-to-face.

Micro practice usually takes shape of service of counseling rendered to individuals and the target is to bring a positive change in an individual. Important key elements in micro level practice are organizational and technological innovation’s efficient management. Continuous process and product innovation is the outcome of technology’s effectual management.

Fields important on enterprise’s level are as follows: -

  • For designing strategies the enterprises should be capable and after designing putting those strategies into the action.
  • The ability of the enterprise in managing the strategies which is mentioned in the above point is critical.
  • New and innovative concepts for organization for development of product should necessarily be accomplished. The model of organization called for concurrent engineering because of the development-institution’s and central-research’s disadvantages which was visible in past years. Concurrent engineering connects closely other areas of work and development and side by side trades with the projects which are treated in various departments.
  • New and innovative concepts for production in an organization are also equally important. The production of industry must be pruned in process of three dimensions which are as follows: -
    • Innovations of organization involves new conception on individual plant’s level and also on level of inter company along with quality’s restructuring assurance.
    • In this dimension changes in society is included like teamwork aiming to utilize worker’s creative capacity.
    • In the last the innovation of techniques is introduced like machinery’s cross-linking by electricity and digitalization.
  • The enterprise’s competitiveness is made powerful by the consolidation in networks of technology where along with different other business bodies and institutions of research learning of inter company can be brought into existence.


  • Define micro practice.
  • State important fields of enterprise in micro practice level.

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