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Interactional Model Homework Help

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Interactional Model

Model of interaction is said to be the model which proposes that behavior of a person is regulated by interactions in between personality-traits of a person and situations of environment where behavior takes place. It can be summed up in the form of equation i.e. B=F (PE). In this equation B stands for behavior, for function f, for traits of personality P, and lastly E stands for environment. Model of interaction is adopted by many psychologists of sport in studying the behaviors of an athlete. It is also used in IT sectors, in business and various other fields.

Model of interaction sees families as system of communication which is constituted of members of family’s uniting subsystems. Dysfunction of family arises when rules which are governing interactions of family become ambiguous and vague.

Business model of Interaction:

Model of interaction coordinates the interactions in between a person or a group who receives the request i.e. performer and a person or a group who makes the request i.e. customer in 4 phases:

  • Preparation: A customer designs work that a performer has to complete and then places his request.
  • Negotiation: A negotiation takes place between performer and customer till a commitment is reached regarding the project that has to be done.
  • Performance: The agreement is fulfilled and completion is reported by performer.
  • Acceptance: Evaluation of work is done by customer and he either announces that he is satisfied or he points what has to be rectified or done for agreement’s fulfillment.

IT model of Interaction

Interactions regarding the features of information-system are being addressed by this model with 5 organization’s elements, which are its:

  •  Outside environment.
  •  Strategies.
  •  Culture and structure.
  •  Processes of business, and
  •  Infrastructures of IT.

Model takes into account the interaction’s outcomes for use of system, for performances of organization, for personnel of organization, and lastly for future elasticity of the organization.

At last we can conclude that model of interaction relates numerous facets of process of interaction to development phases.


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