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Change Process As Applied To Social Work Homework Help

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Change Process As Applied To Social Work

Change process can be defined as a constructed access to switching individuals, organization and teams from current position to coveted future position. Change process is a process of organization which aims at endowing employees so that they can embrace and accept changes present in the current environment of their business.

There are five stages in planned process change which guides the curricular of program. The stages are mentioned below: -

1. Planning

  • Strategies for analysis of organization
    • Obtaining inputs of faculty on curricular interruption and his willingness in participating in change-process for addressing those interruptions.
    • Attaining engagement and input from adults of old age.
    • Translating data of curriculum-analysis into the curricular objectives, practice behaviors, competencies and resultant measures.
  • Strategies for analysis of organization
    • Determining needs of program.
    • Assessing the arrangement of structure which can resist or support changes.
    • Identifying stake holder’s resistance and support sources among students, partners of community and faculty.
  • Setting change outcomes, goals and resultant measures for organization

2. Implementation

  • Finding buy-in faculty to carry out changes in organization and curricular.
  • Garnering practitioner/community help for carrying out changes.
  • Engaging, in field and classroom, the students.
  • Selecting strategies being feasible and multi-phase.

3. Evaluation

  • Collecting data regarding common as well as specific program’s resultant measures.
  • Measuring attainment of students.
  • Conducting evaluation of process regarding what is working and what is not.

4. Dissemination

  • Relations of public and marketing.
  • Presentation at business meetings and conferences.
  • Publishing.

5. Sustainability

  • Institutionalizing social changes by formal procedures, policies and structures of government.
  • Making new structures of organization.
  • Institutionalizing social changes by electronic and print media.
  • Recognizing sustainability resources.
  • Institutionalizing social changes by having partnerships along with adults, agencies and groups of community.


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Live chat assistance with change process as applied to social work homework help
Live chat assistance with change process as applied to social work homework help