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Anti-Oppressive Practice

Anti-Oppressive Practice is a social work practice theory.  The Anti-Oppressive practice refers to the oppression taking place in societies, economies, cultures & groups. It aims at social work to remove or negate the influence of the oppression. The practice of Anti-discriminatory is defined as a means to remove discrimination from our own practice and challenge it in the practice of others and institutional strictures in which we operate. The anti oppressive practice is a response from both the practioners and the academics of social movement led by the women and the black people

The anti oppressive practice emphasis on a numerous things. It focuses on the structural origins of the service users’ problems; it is an orientation towards the radical social change; and finally it is a critical analysis of practice relations and an attempt to transform those relations practice. The anti oppressive theory extends the critical practice theory. The critical practice theory aims at providing social justice in practice and in policy. It is concerned to develop the theory and practice in an inclusive and participatory way. It examines the how structures of oppression are reproduced in the everyday lives. The theory argues that the structures of oppression are reproduced through ideological processes. Also it believes that people can participate in social change. The critical practice theory critiques dominant social science, which is known as positivism.

The anti oppressive practice extends the critical practice theory by integrating the personal and cultural bases of oppression with a structural analysis and promotion of interpersonal and statutory work as justifiable sites of anti oppressive practice. The anti oppressive practice theory develops radical approaches to include all forms of oppression and focuses on change. It refers to taking seriously the complex memberships of major social divisions that affect individuals’ prospective and actions, and to which they respond in different ways.


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