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Cognitive shift

A cognitive shift  should  not to be bewildered  with cognitive-shifting, which is  a common therapy/meditation term is a psychological phenomenon most often experienced by individuals using psychedelic drugs, or suffering from mental disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder otherwise known as manic-depressive syndrome.

At some stage in a cognitive shift, one practices a change in how their conscious mind and unconscious mind communicate with each other. The outcome can be a broad range of feelings, from euphoria to panic.

Cognitive shift is also used to define the understanding that thoughts (i.e. cognitions) play a key role in a person's emotional state and actions. It was conceived by earlier behavioral psychologists that individuals were unfilled vessels and new skills would be created by being frequently uncovered and/or pleased in relation to certain things.

The cognitive shift on the other hand confirmed that thoughts also play an essential process. A key research placed a rat in a circular maze and after rotating the maze the rat was able to use pointers around the room in order to find a food reward. This explained that the rat had used internal cognitions in order to manipulate its behavior to gain an incentive.

While in children when they are learning a language, often and rather suddenly begin to be relevant in rules they have learnt to new expressions. With the intake of psychedelics people often go through sudden shifts in cognitive association and emotive content. The skills can change rapidly from negative to euphoric, and in certain cases mimic the schizophrenic condition, as studied by Humphrey Osmond and others.

Hypnosis has confirmed very efficient in generating conventional cognitive shifts with LSD and mescaline. Cognitive Shift is an individual is under pressure, as in anxiety or depressive states, that person's unique coding system develops more primitive or reactionary, ensuing in a skewing of the information processing. The result of this twisting is a "cognitive shift" that initiates bias into the understandings, assumptions, and coding mechanisms, resulting in distorted thoughts or cognitions. The characteristic view is a sign of individual cognitive processing patterns.


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