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Borderline intellectual functioning

Borderline intellectual functioning is a classification of intelligence in which a person has below average cognitive ability (an IQ of 71–85), but the insufficiency is not as severe as mental retardation (70 or below).

People who fall into this category have a moderately normal expression of affect for their age, despite the fact that their capability to think abstractly is rather limited. Reasoning displays a inclination for real thinking. Others may portray such a person as "simple" or "a little slow". They are habitually able to do their day to day activities without any assistance, which includes holding down a simple job.

The population of the mentally retarded intellectual deficits varies widely. A few mild cases of intellectual deficit are not properly classified as instances of mental retardation, but in its place are better described by the diagnosis of Borderline Intellectual Functioning diagnosis, which can be made when the scores of the IQ comes between the range 70 and 84. These IQ scores illustrate uncommonly low intellectual ability.

This sorting describes a group that comprises about 7 percent of the common population that falls into a locale of deferred rational, expressive, and/or adaptive functioning that teeters on the edge of mental retardation although it does not in fact qualify for that specific diagnosis. Similar to mental retardation, borderline intellectual functioning is a type of classification and not a specific disease.

Borderline intellectual functioning is not well known; its anonymity lies in its “neither here nor there” nature. Inhabitants qualifying for a borderline intellectual functioning diagnosis are at annoyance when going in for an untried and stressful situation; however at the same time they function well enough to make it hard to conclude definitively that there is a deficit present requiring assistance.

The clever nature of borderline intellectual functioning is further convoluted by terminology. In earlier times this was known as borderline mental retardation, the circumstances that new title may possibly prevent the exaggerated individuals from being accepted as having deficits which require services from mental health or mental retardation organizations.


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