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Adaptive behavior

The adaptive behavior can be defined as a type of behavior that is used to adjust to another type of behavior or situation. This is over and over again characterized by a sort of behavior that allows an individual to transform a negative or disturbing behavior to something that is more helpful. These behaviors are most often social or personal behaviors.

Adaptive behavior can also be defined as “the effectiveness or degree with which the individual meets the standards of personal independence and social responsibility expected of his age and social group”.

A maladaptive behavior is a behavior or mannerism that is not adaptive — it is counterproductive to the individual. Maladaptivity is often used as an indicator of irregularity or mental dysfunction, in view of the fact that its evaluation is moderately free from subjectivity. On the other hand, many behaviors are considered to be moral and can be apparently maladaptive, such as opposition or self-denial.

The adaptive behavior also refers to the archetypal performance of individuals without any disabilities in meeting the ecological potentials. Adaptive behavior changes according to a person’s age, cultural expectations, and environmental demands.

Behavior scales: For example: to determine a student’s adaptive behavior capacities, professionals have their center of attention on the student’s theoretical skills, societal skills, and practical skills. To measure the adaptive skills, professionals make use of the adaptive behavior scales that have been normed on individuals with and without disabilities. The majority adaptive behavior scales are accomplished by interviewing a blood relation (i.e. parent), a tutor, or one more individual who is well-known with the student’s day to day activities. Students may have a combination of strengths and needs in any or all of the areas regarding theoretical, societal and practical skills.

The adaptive skills that are being exhibited by a person with mental disability are vital factors in shaping the supports he/she requires for achieving victory in school, work, community, and home environments. The mentally retarded children have a tendency to contain substantial deficits in adaptive behavior.


  • What are the basic self help or needs that is being taught to the mentally retarded children?
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