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Normative Political Theory

Normative Political Theory is better defined in different perspectives on various academic disciplines but on common terms it can be said as relating to an ideal standard or model. In other words, when an action is taken based on defined set of norms (rules) and takes place within specified boundaries or prescribed standards, it is known as Normative. In political theory, the word Normative is used to relate to politics which is not widespread but rather implemented based on certain norms regulated by the superior body. Practically, Normative has strong connotations of relating to a typical standard or model.

Political theory or political philosophy more or less operates on the same rule basis and when Normative is applied to the same, it is to guide the progress towards a particular path without getting deviated. Normative statements strongly affirm on how things should take place, the methodology to value them, the rightness or wrongness of any action committed, or to analyze, assess whether an action or thing is good or bad. On brief academic study, we can say that Normative theories are positive theories which are factual that tries to describe reality. In social studies, when explaining theories, beliefs or propositions normative theories are essential to comprehend the subject or matter of discussion.

Political philosophy which is based on individual norms in accordance with the existing legislative society comes under Normative Political Theory. Contemporary political theory was criticized for having normative judgments that had cognitive content losing the science to on paper theories rather than practical politics. Only during the era after the 70s, the rise of analytic ethics led to better comprehension of judicial factors that are hugely normative with industrial or social standards besides having well defined models for the functioning body.

Political philosophy which was improvised by influential philosophers led to accepted theories across the United States that paved way for normative culture that primarily define prioritized goals, organizing plans apart from overlooking emotion, action, thought and personal beliefs. Normative statements and norms are said to have crucial elements much needed for welfare of the society. Politics under norms define standards which vary from culture to culture and human to human but the values are independent yet reviews the cycle of political and social existence in all areas. 

Normative political theory is an integral part of governing the social behavior and setting definite standards for successful correlation of civilians.


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