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Aesthetics Interpretation Homework Help

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Aesthetics interpretation

Interpretation is related to perceiving the things. In the philosophy of art it is the explanation of the meaning of something may be a work of art. It can even be the comprehension of a poem, performance or any other piece of literature. If a piece of art is taken, there are so many interpretations to it. Though one interpretation is different from the other, everything is valuable.  Similarly there are so many theories in the aesthetics interpretation.

Pluralism is the aesthetic theory in which art is approached by the people with different aims. These aims may help in assessing the interpretation of art by the people. Some of these interpretation aims at telling that they may be true or false and the others don’t aim to lend themselves to measure the truth or falsity of an art.

There are theories which allow interpretations and those theories are being interpreted and named as valid or invalid but there are some theories which aims to attempt the artist’s and reckons what the artist has tried to accomplish and gives the feedback whether the artist has succeeded or failed in his attempt. This view just hold only one valid interpretation which would bring out the intention of the author about any given art work.

Concerning aesthetics interpretation, Susan Sontag in 1966 has published Against Interpretation which is collection of essays that includes the best-known works of Sontag. Notes on Camp, On Style are some popular inclusion under the essay Against Interpretation. Sontag’s main concern was that in the new critical approach to aesthetics the emphasis on the intellect has replaced the spiritual importance of art. The contemporary critics have started focusing on their own intellect analyzing the constructed form and content rather than considering and appreciating a creative work as a possible source of energy.

Main the work “Against Interpretation” discusses the separation between the different types of art criticism and theory.  They are the criticism and theory of formalist interpretation and that of content-based interpretation.

On the other hand Kant has concentrated on the aesthetic interpretation of a certain kind of late life withdrawal. Since aesthetic awareness is a very important part of life where one undergoes change as he matures. So Kant has analyzed the aesthetic interpretation in accordance with aging. A little inquiry was put forth to investigate the changes and modifications in the aesthetic interest as people grow old. The renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant has argued that the gerontological inquiry has been benefited by the aesthetic theory which has created a new domain of empirical inquiry of old age development.


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