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Types Of Production System Homework Help

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Types of Production System

What is a production system?

In lame man words production system is nothing but a method you follow so that the work flow is in a uniform manner. This system sees to that your organization runs as well oiled machine without any hindrance, and in case of any incidence there are also backup plans available. This is actually like a computer program which actually provides the user with a set of guidelines as to how the person or the organization using the production system is expected to perform.

There are two parts of production system

  • Sensory precondition: Sensory precondition is like “if” question, when you actually write a program for maintaining a production system. You try to write the program keeping in mind certain likely scenarios that are likely to happen. It is this sensory precondition that helps you predict the possible hindrances that might occur. And after you have predicted the issues you are then determined to find the solutions for them.
  • An action: this is the final part of the production system; you have come up with the possible hindrances that can occur in the program. The next step would be to find out ways so that the hindrances can be reduced and the impact caused by the hindrance will be less.

There are two common ways of using the production system:

  • A simple string rewriting production system: this is like a step by step approach to an issue of production like for instance after A come process B and so on.
  • An OPS5 production rule: in this method of production different approaches are used randomly in the production process.

Benefits of using production system:

  • The results and scenarios can be obtained in a few minutes.
  • End results can be accurate and dependable.
  • Can go over possible outcomes within a span of few minutes
  • The work is done in a matter of minutes and the cost incurred is also less.

Disadvantages of using production system:

  • Choosing upon which rules and criteria you need to have an evaluation done.
  • The accuracy of the final result can never be predicted.


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Live chat assistance with types of production system homework help