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What is standardization?

When you implement certain procedure in your process, you will note that the measurements or changes that you have implemented will definitely affect the outcome or the final results. And in case you want to have a desired or positive result then there are certain principles that are needed to be applied. The principles or guidelines see to that the work is done in a smooth and orderly manner. This smooth working gives great output and also saves a lot of time, energy and money.

Benefits of standardization

  • By the process of standardization all the parties involved gain equally.
  • The process safes a lot of time spent, energy and money spent.
  • The groups can easily communicate and maintain focus.
  • Helps in attaining desired level of output
  • Standardization process sees to that the work is done in a smooth manner without any hindrance
  • Process that occurs in each and every level can be easily monitored and controlled.
  • Standardization process can also to some extent help predict the outcome of an issue.
  • Standardization process results are reliable in cases when the conditions are same.
  • Standardization process reduces inefficiency

Techniques of standardization:

There are basically four Techniques of standardization, these help the organization or the production process in a very smooth manner like a well oiled machine. These Techniques of standardization are:

  • Codification
  • Simplification or variety control
  • Statistical process
  • value engineering / value analysis

Based on the requirement for your production process and the nature of the conditions involved in the process choose upon the Techniques of standardization that is very convenient for your use.

Other fields where standardization process in used include:

  • In statistics field
  • In the field of test theory
  • In the field of supply chain management

The four levels of standardization are:

  • Compatibility
  • Interchange ability
  • Commonality
  • Reference

So in order to have a smooth function process or production it becomes necessary that certain procedures are been followed. By following these procedures you can be rest assured that you will definitely have a guaranteed result.


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