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Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment techniques attain concrete eminence development with maintainable efficiency. It is a multi-restricted scheme bottom on the influence of customers for realizes charge successful peak class end goods and punctual services. Quality Function Deployment is a methodical move towards to intend supported on a shut consciousness of customer desires, joined with the mixing of commercial practical set. It contains in interpret customer desires into design descriptions for every point of the creation development.

Description of QFD

In 1966, Quality Function Deployment was developed by Yoji Akao. Mitsubhi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard demonstrated the power of the approach by 1972.In Akao’s words, Quality Function Deployment is a method for developing a design quality aimed at satisfying the consumer and then translating the consumer’s demand into design targets and major quality assurance points to be used throughout the production phase. It is a way to assure the design quality while the product is still in the design stage.

Quality Function Deployment has established the decrease of operation occasion by one-half to one-third. There are three major objectives in apply Quality Function Deployment which is select verbal and undeclared desires and requirements, interpret these requests into scientific descriptions and stipulation and construct and convey a quality product or check  by heart everyone toward client pleasure.

Importance of QFD

Quality Function Deployment helps to transform the way to many companies such as plan new products, design product desires, decide process descriptions, and manage the developed process and text previously alive manufactured goods stipulations. Quality Function Deployment utilizes several main beliefs from simultaneous engineering in that irritated practical team are involved in all phases of product development. Each of four phases in a QFD process uses a matrix to interpret customer requirements from original preparation stages during manufacture manage.

Quality Function Management was urbanized to carry this individual border to contemporary developed and trade. In today’s manufacturing society, where the rising detachment between creators and consumers is an anxiety, QFD connections the desires of the client with intend, growth, industrial, developed and check purposes. Quality Function Deployment appreciates purchaser needs; reduce optimistic superiority that inserts worth, complete excellence scheme for client pleasure, scheme to continue in front of the pastime. Quality Function Deployment offers a scheme of inclusive expansion procedure for decide what type to comprise, conclude what stage of recital to carry,  brightly connecting the wants of the client with intend, growth, manufacturing, developed and check purpose and it analysis the desires of the customer.


  • Define QFD
  • Who was developed QFD?

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