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Process Chart

The Process Chart provides a visual representation of steps in a process. It is also referred to Flow Charts or Process Mapping or Flow Diagrams. Constructing a process chart is one of the initial activities of a process improvement. It consists of the following benefits.

  • A clear picture about the process
  • Helps to identify non value added operations.
  • Helps to work in a team and develop communication
  • Keeps everyone on the same page.

Process Symbols:

A variety of process charts has designed to meet the needs of a particular stage of analysis; they can be used at a detailed level for a process.

The different kinds of process chart which shares a set of symbols, though few additional symbols for specific and specialized process steps. The common symbols were first published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and known as ASME symbols.

Operation: This symbol denotes the main step of a process. It is represented as circle.

Inspection: This symbol evaluates the quality check and represented through rectangles.

Transport: The exact movement of workers, material or equipments. It is denoted as arrows.

Storage: Storage is denoted as inverted triangle. It controls the storage received into or issued from a store or an item is retained for reference purposes.

Delay or Temporary Storage: This indicates the delay in the process which is denoted as ‘D’ symbol.

These symbols are linked together in a vertical chart representing the key stages in a process.

Outline Process Chart:

The simplest form of process chart is known as an outline process chart. It records an overview or outline of a process. The steps of a process that can be represented by the ASME symbols of operation and inspection are recorded. An outline process chart is used for first step to identify key areas before recording the process. All symbols are used in a "full" process chart. It is common to the process chart from the "viewpoint" of the material being processed or less commonly, a piece of equipment.

Process charts may also be used to represent a micro level of analysis. For example, there is the two-handed process chart which keeps track of records and motions performed by both hands during a task. The sequence of motion of each hand is charted using the same symbols. There are slight changes to the meaning of the symbols.


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