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Mass Production System

Mass Production system is mean to be the method of production of goods in high level quantity and lower price per unit. Even though the Mass Production System allows lower prizing it doesn’t have a low-quality products. It produces standard goods which means of precision-manufactures and inter-changeable parts. This characterized process is by mechanization and to achieve the higher level of volume, which expands the organization material flow thru the different situations of manufacturing. Due to careful monitoring on the quality standards of the products and the time duration on the labors, this is to make it worthable. The Mass Production system needs mass consumption, on the recent times the high level demand is only for the standardized uniform products which came from military organizations. An important experiment which has eventually lead to Mass Production System which was the first performance with the protection of military.

Tools and interchangeable Parts of Machine: is the basis of the Mass Production System which was placed by the machine tool industry. This making of machines to produce machines, still some of the basic devices like the wood-working lathe which had existed for more than centuries. Moreover the translation in between the industrial machine tools which is capable of cutting and shaping the hard materials to exact margins which was brought by a series of 19thcentury innovators. It was first started in Britain and then later it started in United States, with accurate equipment the high level quantity of parts is produced at the lower price and also with small work team.

True Assembly Line: these prototypes of the assembly line would be traced in histories and this ancestor of the industrial technicians was found by the 19th century meat packing industrial people in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago. There were trolleys are employed to express the carcasses between worker to worker and they formed a true assembly line.

Organization of Work: the overall development of Mass Production system is transferred to the Organization of Work in important three ways. First it is subdivided and performed by the unskilled workers or semi-skilled workers. Second is importance of managers and supervisors become necessity for the manufacturing firms.  Third is increase of employment in a large management like chemists, engineers, accountants and psychologists and huge amount of sales force. Some of the countries were become the exporters of raw materials and furnished goods, were others did in reverse.


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