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Principles Of Rehabilitation 

Introduction to Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation is an integral part in nursing. It is dynamic and health oriented process. It assists ill patients or disabled individuals to attain physical, social, mental, spiritual and economic status of healthy life. Rehabilitation process retains self respect, dignity and freedom for the disabled individuals. This process of rehabilitation gives higher importance to habilitation rather than disability of individuals.  Principle of rehabilitation is similar to nursing care. The approach of rehabilitation process should be there right from the first time contact of nurse with the individual. The main objective of rehabilitation process is to set back or restore the disabled function. It treats disease before major injury and damages occur. Realistic goals are established depending on individuals needs.

Focus to rehabilitation:

Disability may be either acute or progression of chronic condition. It may occur at any age level. Disabled persons will lose social status, independent life, economic status and health. There exists an emotional feeling among family members. The griefless life can be obtained by subjecting an individual to rehabilitation program. This will cheer up the individuals to restore the lost status and health. The primary focus is that the nurse should allow a disabled individual to speak whatever he or she likes. Nurse should understand the reason for their angry, hungry, grief, cheer. Accordingly a nurse should administer the treatment and caring. The foremost objective of focusing on rehabilitation is to create positive willingness for an individual.

Rehabilitation nursing process:

  • Assessment
  • Nursing diagnosis
    • Self care deficit
    • Risk for injury, disuse syndrome
    • Impaired physical mobility, wheel chair mobility, bed mobility, walking
    • Activity intolerance
  • Nursing plan
  • Nursing goal achievement
  • Nursing intervention
    • Self care abilities fostering
    • Assisting the patient
  • Evaluation


  • What are goals of rehabilitation?
  • What are interdisciplinary rehabilitation approaches?
  • What are rehabilitation nursing strategies?
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