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Bearing is a mechanical device which consent relative motion in between two or more moving parts either in rotation movement or in linear movement. According to the motion and principle of bearing operation they are broadly classified. Plain bearing includes lubricant like graphite or oil in their contacting surface. Bearing can or cannot have discrete devices. Bearing types varies with shape, lubricating material, and materials. For instance rolling element bearing has either spheres or drums to reduce the friction between moving parts. The reduced friction increases the tolerance limit and precision.

Basics of bearing:

Car wheels are big bearing. When something is there between wheels it will reduce the rotation speed by increasing load and friction. Frictions impart some force and reduce the speed of rotation.

Principles of operation:

Based on the mode of operation, bearing are of six types

  • Plain bearing: For instance sleeve bearing, journal bearing, rifle bearing & bushing
  • Jewel bearing: Load is by axle rolling
  • Flexure bearing: Load is by bending
  • Fluid bearing: Load is by liquid or gas
  • Magnetic bearing: Load is by magnetic fields
  • Rolling element bearing: For instance ball bearings & roller bearings

Bearing motion:

Motion of bearing is of following types

  • Linear motion
  • Axial motion
  • Spherical motion
  • Hinge motion

Bearing load types:

Bearing loads are of following types

  • Radial movements
  • Axial movements
  • Bending movements


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