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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a systematic process in which employees obtain highly confidential, an anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This includes the employee’s manager, peers, and reports. A combination of eight to twelve people fills up an anonymous online feedback form that holds queries with a wide range of workplace competencies. These forms include queries which are measured on a rating scale and ask to provide comments. The person who receives feedback also fills out a self-rating survey which includes the same survey queries that others receive in their forms.

Leaders and Managers use 360 feedback surveys to obtain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. The 360 feedback system automatically provides the results in a tabulated format which helps the feedback recipient to create a development plan. Individual responses are always combined with responses from other peoples in the same rating category.

360 Feedback is a development tool for people who are not in a management role. A non-manager is not measuring 360 feedbacks since there does not have direct reports, but the same principles are followed. These feedbacks are helpful for non-managers to be more effective in their roles and also help them to understand what areas they should improve on if they want to move into a management role.

Companies use the 360 Degree Feedback in two ways.

Development Tool:

360 Feedback is used a development tool to help employees recognize their strengths and weaknesses and become more effective. The process of feedback provides an opportunity to people to get an anonymous feedback to a coworker. Otherwise, they feel uncomfortable in giving it. Feedback recipients gain when others perceive them and have an opportunity to adjust their behaviors and develop skill which enables them to excel their jobs.

Performance Appraisal Tool:

360 Feedback is also used as a performance appraisal tool to measure each employee performance. But it is not always a good idea. It is difficult to structure a 360 degree feedback process which creates an atmosphere of trust when you implement 360 evaluations to measure performance. Moreover, 360 degree feedback always focus on the behaviors and competencies more than on basic skills, job requirements, and performance oriented objectives. These things are most appropriately part of an employee and his or her manager as a part of annual review and performance appraisal process. It can be beneficial to incorporate 360 degree feedback into a huge performance based management process, but only with a clear communication.


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