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Plog's Classification of Tourists

Everyone is unique in this world and so their characters and aspirations are. This can be more evident especially when we organize tours. Lots of suggestions come from people depending on their interests often which are based upon the personality traits. And close observations can help us classify them into groups focusing on their needs. Under such study Plog’s Classification of Tourists is an admired one today. For the classification seem to include all sorts of people, well studied and analyzed.

 Plog has classified tourists into three major classifications based on their personality and curiosity to visit places. They are Allocentric type, Psycho-centric type and Mid-centric type. And before classification of these three types, he compares certain phenomenal characters and personalities calling them equal to each other.

He puts it this way and then further went on to explain the above said three major categories.

  • Authentic = Psycho-centric
  • Mid-authentic = Near psycho-centric
  • Centric authentic = Mid-centric
  • Centric venturer = Mid-centric
  • Mid-venturer = Near allocentric
  • Venturer = Allocentric

Allocentric Type

People belonging to this type are often adventure seekers and go for new experiences. They keep preferring outings and are self confident. And they are not only comfortable meeting strangers or new people but also it fascinates them for they explore into their cultures while such meetings. These people specify the area and make their own travel arrangements. Tourist attractions and activities to be participated will have to be solely decided by them.

Psycho-Centric Type

These types are generally conservative, inhibited and unadventurous. These guys are traditional and have little curiosity to visit strange places. Frequently these members keep returning to familiar destinations to avoid troubles. They want to relax, love serenity and better happy when undisturbed. Tourists of Psycho-centric type expect the same food and activities. Ultimate factor is that they are too much worried about touring is safety and security.

Mid- Centric Type

These ones are in the middle path between the other two types. They are not particularly adventurous and there will be no self effort to visit bizarre places. But at the same time these do not oppose to experiments regarding touring in terms of activities or strange places. Hence they are very receptive to new experiences.

So this classification has found relevance as it consists of all kinds of tourists. Thus Plog's classification has come to acceptance among the relevant beneficiaries as well.  


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