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Facilities Management Homework Help

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a sphere which has been established for the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings such as hospital, hotels, complexes, educational and convention centers. International facility management association put it this way “a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Strategic-tactical and operational

There are two kinds of activities progress in the discipline of the facilities management and for the role of the facility managers. These activities are levels as generally known as strategic-tactical and operational. When it comes to strategic-tactical owners are to be aware of the probable impact of their decisions on the conditions of space and services. And in operational facility managers hold responsibility for suitable operations of all the factors of a building to make optimal, safe and cost effective surroundings for the occupation to function. Hence managing some of the activities which fall under these categories will make it successful.

Health and safety of the occupants

First of all health and safety of the people residing in such buildings are the main aspects. In compliance with local, state and national policies effective measures must be taken to ensure the protection of occupants according to the construction depending upon the domestic or industrial area. And when doing so certain factors have to be considered such as industrial hygiene, air quality, risk assessments and effective control of risky substances to health. Fire safety is an important element of this facilities management and where systems like fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and risk assessments have to be established.

Prevention from dangers

Another aspect of this management is to ensure security of the occupants from all sorts of dangers. Intruder alert to prevent from burglary, manned guarding and CCTV are to be fixed. And for any such dangers emergency exits have to be put up in places which are comfortable to access. Maintenance systems are the next important components of this facilities management. Ventilation and building automation systems and more importantly electricity have to be taken care of.

Assessment and inspections

After all these activities if successfully carried out then they have to be followed up. So periodic statutory testing and proper inspections are relatively essential. Lifts, pressure systems, electrical portable appliances and fixed wiring are some of the vital areas should be paid more attention.

And there are also related operational issues like waste management, environmental issues, reception and pest control which should be given equal value in the way they are handled.


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