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Tourism Geography

Tourism Geography is the study of tourism and travel, as a cultural and social activity and as an industry. Tourism geography covers several variety of interest such as the environmental impact of tourism, leisure economies, geographies of tourism, and the locations of tourism and sociology of tourism, answering tourism industry and management concerns. Tourism geography is a branch of science that deals with the   study of tourism and travel and its impacts on places.

 What is tourism?

The word ‘tourism’ although recognized and accepted in common dialect, is however a term which is subject to a variety of interpretations and meanings. For most of the student this is a possible difficulty because consensus in the knowing or understating of the term tourism geography or tourism and therefore, the scope for the investigation that such accord opens up, is basic of any structured from of interpretation and enquiry. Definitional problems occur partly since the word ‘tourism’ is usually utilized like a single term in order designate a different range of theories, partly since it is an area of study in a wide variety of areas (economics, geography, marketing and business, sociology, history, anthropology and psychology), and differing theoretical structures within these areas lead inevitability to contrasts in emphasis and perspective.  It is also the case that at the same time as there has been some union in official meanings of tourism geography (i.e. those utilized by governments, international forums such as UN ( United Nations) and tourism organizations, public opinions of what comprises a tourists and the activity of the tourism might still vary quite clearly.

Much of the tourism management literature remains as quantitative in the methodology and considers tourism as comprising of the locations of tourist generating areas (tourist origin), places of tourism supply (tourist destinations) and connections (the relationship)between destination places and origin,   which comprises business relationships, traveler motivations and transportation routes.


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