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Environmental Geography Homework Help

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Environmental Geography

Concept of Environment Geography:

Environmental geography is the study of geography which deals with spatial aspects of interactions between the natural world and human society.  It needs the dynamic understating of the hydrology, meteorology, geology, geomorphology, biogeography and ecology and the ways in which human population conceptualize the environment. The connections between physical and cultural geography were once more readily obvious than they are today.

Environment geography refers to environment which is our surroundings. By and large, it refers to a complex of physical, chemical and biotic factors which affect the growth of plants and animals including man.  In a broader sense, environment geography or environment is the aggregate of all external conditions and influences affecting the life of an organism or population especially man.

 In general, there are two types of environment geography, namely: natural or physical environment and cultural or social environment.  In the physical environment, the surrounding is mostly nature given. For instance, for one who lives near the sea or shore, and his physical environments is specifically known as marine environment.  In the cultural or social environment, the surroundings are mainly the results of the works of man. For instance, for those who live in the city, their environment is classified as cultural or specifically urban environment, because the city is developed as the result of the efforts of man.

The writings of ancient philosophers made, mention of the relation of the environment geography with the living organisms. The migration of birds from cooler regions during winter time to the topics, where the climate is warm is a common phenomenon.   The growth and development of plants and other organisms are affected by climatic changing conditions.

Herodotus (480 – 425 B.C.) the father of history explained the relation of the physical environment or environment geography to the richness of the delta of the Nile river as an important contributing factor in making the place  one  of the cradles of ancient civilization.


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