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Rhetorical Strategies for Technical Communication

Technical Communication is the process in which information is delivered or conveyed in an effective way, to a group of people or the target audience. The information in the Technical Communication process may be of any type like science, high tech methodologies, electronics, software, hardware, etc., More strategies are followed in the Technical Communication methods to make the Information to reach the audience in an effective way. Some of the important Rhetorical Strategies of Technical Communication are:

Rhetorical Strategies on Analyzing Audience:

An effective Technical Communication should analyze the type of target audience. An important Rhetorical Strategy for Technical Communication is the demographic study of the target audience. The way of the Technical communication should depend on the knowledge of the reader(s) and the field of the target audience. One of the Strategy of the technical communication is the form of the communication should be very formal when it’s presented to highly qualified technical professionals and the standard of the Technical Communication depends on the knowledge level of the audience. Most important Rhetorical Strategies in the Technical Communications are study of Audience Demographics, Physical Analysis and Psychological Analysis.

In the study of the Demographics of the audience, the educational and intellectual Levels of the audience, their Occupation, their Religious Affiliations, Political affiliations, age group, cultural Factors and Gender of the Audience are the main Strategies, which are applied in Technical Communications. In the Physical Analysis, the size of audience, time of presentation, time of the day and the Sequence of Events are taken into account. The attitude of audience, their willingness to pay attention to the presentation and their level of knowledge are taken into account in the Psychological Analysis.

 Rhetorical Strategies on the Preparation of the Outlining:

The Preparation of the Outline of a Technical Communication is considered as the blue print of the information. The Outlining Process has different phases like Chunking, Sequencing, Paragraphing, Headings and Sub Headings and Checklists of the entire Information Structure. The Strategies applied on the Outlining Process are Determination of the purpose of the presentation or writing, the type of audience, listing all ideas, Organizing, Ordering, and Labeling with appropriate Headings. The strategy of creating a detailed outline before creating the presentation will help in preparation of presentation or writing in an easier way.

Rhetorical Strategies on Proof Reading process:

Proof Reading is an important process of Technical Communication before submitting it to the target audience, by which any grammatical, technical, logical, typographical errors can be avoided.  Productive time allocation for proofing, Discussing the topic with other people, Role Playing as “one of the audience”, analysis of the content are some of the Strategies used in the Proof Reading process.

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Live chat assistance with rhetorical strategies for technical communication homework help
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