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Writing is a form of art and to be a writer one has to take effort with interest and practice continuously. Writing comes only over a period of time and with a good hold on it. One may find it difficult to write initially and he/she cannot express in writing, the thoughts that come to the mind, as writing is not so easy when compared to verbal presentation. It needs a lot of practice and one has to have patience and develop a taste of liking for writing. The word ‘Essay’ is derived from the French word ‘essai’ which means ‘effort’ and ‘to sketch’. So, it is with effort that one can bring an effective writing. Also, one should enjoy writing his/her work as it is some kind of freedom one experiences while writing the expressions/imagination of the mind.

The term 'Composition' means 'putting together' and according to the circumstances, it may differ in meaning. It could be applied to any work of art such as a personal narrative, a short work of fiction, prose or poetry, an essay, a play or a dramatic work. Each of these works has its own set of rules. On a general view, while writing a composition, one should be aware of the basic key points such as knowing the purpose of writing, choosing the right topic, writing a good introduction, developing the body of the work and ending with the right conclusion. One who writes should also understand the expectations of the reader and adhere to it.

In Composition and Essay writing, one can write how and what he/she feels. It is important to let out one’s thoughts and words in his/her own style to bring about an organized piece of written work. There lies the difficulty when it comes to give an apt title for the work. Generally each and every essay topic can be approached from multiple perspectives. The topic should convey the entire thought of the writer’s writing. Choosing something that is important and that which would convince the readers will bring out the best topic for the work written. The best way to get a title is to write the essay or short story or narrative or poetry first and then, while doing so, something might strike the mind of the writer from the words written in his/her work. That would certainly be the apt title for the work written. 

For every composition except poetry, a good introduction is a must. Introduction can either be on the topic and position (for an essay) or characters, plot and setting (for narrative, short story and play). The next step is to develop the body of the composition. To start off this writing process, jotting down a list of points relevant to the topic will help. The points can be of details or ideas which will have to support the topic as well. These may be facts, examples, data, statistics and quotes from a source or just common ideas.

There are different styles of writing a composition. Monotonous style of narrative writing would only be boring to read and tiresome to the mind and no one would prefer to read such works. Instead, the composition should be styled with metaphors, ironies, puns, comparisons, contrasts, hyperbole, unpredictable conclusions, interesting phrases and a climaxing end. But of course this will come only by training through constant practice.

Certain points should be kept in mind while writing a composition - planning before writing an essay, jotting down points and main ideas, choosing simple words and clear phrasing of sentences, staying focused on the main theme of the essay and finally re-reading the essay to find out the grammatical and spelling mistakes, if any and correct them. This would certainly bring out a good composition. Referring books that have a good command over English would help tell an interesting tale. Practicing all the above will pave way to perfection in writing. is a pioneer in online tutoring and homework help. Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject areas and have been helping students since 2003. For immediate Composition homework help, use the homework-help form present on this page. You can also get help with your Composition homework by writing to

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Live chat assistance with composition homework help
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