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Tectonic Cycle 

Tectonic cycle is evidenced very distinctly in the geosynclinals areas, where cycle starts with crust’s subsidence and constitution of deep basins of marine. 1st stage is being characterized through aggregation of sediment’s thick bed, through volcanism in submarine and through constitution of ultra basic as well as basic rocks. Subsequently arcs of island emerge, volcanism takes place, basins of marine are broken into basins of small size, and deformation of fold over thrust begins. Now in next stage, folded structures of mountains are formed which are divided and surrounded by piedmont and marginal fore deeps as well as inter mountain troughs. Molasses fills these troughs and fore deeps. This phase’s characteristics are granite’s formation, outpourings of basaltic sub lunar volcanoes.

Conditions of continent give path to transgression of marine. Afterwards, regression happens and regime of continent is constituted with weathering-mantle’s formation. Tectonic cycles are followed by corresponding alterations in types of sediments. Sediments of continents are being accompanied by sediments of lagoons, which is often coal mien. Next stage encountered is marine sediments. Tectonic cycle’s middle stage is primarily characterized by siliceous or carbonaceous sediments. In the tectonic cycle’s end sediments of saltine, continental and marine are found again. Duration on an average, of tectonic cycle as recorded in years is 151-181 million, in Phanerozoic. Cycle is recorded more than this in Precambrian.

Tectonic cycle has many criticisms. According to the above conception, the tectonic cycle is synchronous rigidly on scale of planet, is distinguished by similar phenomenon complex and recur allover world. When one tectonic cycle ends the other simultaneously occurs (in adjacent areas). In every single system of geosynclinals 1or 2 cycles instantly preceding cycle’s transition into folded system of mountain are normally most wholly explicated cycles. Cycles in beginning fails to display all typical process and many a times merge with themselves.

 Tectonic cycle represents only knottiness of general evolution of planet.


  • What is tectonic cycle?
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