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Environmental Interrelationships

An organism is affected by the environment throughout the life time. Environmental interrelationship is the study of interaction between the environment and the things present in it. To know the environmental interrelationship first the ecosystem should be properly studied.  The local ecosystem in which the organisms live and get affected by that particular ecosystem is a major concern. To go deep study of the environmental interrelationship the learning of interdependency of the organisms living in the environment is important. When a new ecosystem is introduced to the environment it can be better possessed by some examples. Faulty generalisations can be a product of lack of specific knowledge in the particular concern.

In planet earth there are many energy cycles such as water cycle, rock cycle, food web, food chain, carbon cycle, hydrogen cycle etc. In which one form of energy gets converted to another form of energy. Energy can never destroy. Only it converts from one form to another form. There is also transition of matter in the above cycles. Now a day there is implication and application of science in day to day life. So the study of reaction of environment to the ever changing life is necessary. In environmental interrelationship knowing the individual parts of the system, its role in the environment and its interaction with the other things and the whole function is indispensable.

First the various aspects, components and the processes are to be identified and examined. The effect of presence and absence of a particular thing to the environment should be taken care off. So all the sophisticated parts are to be properly studied.

Inside an environment all parts should work well, one part’s output can become other part’s input and all the  systems are related with one another; then that environment is a perfect environment for study.

Proper care should be taken so that the environment should not be affected by the artificial works of the human beings. Otherwise the proper environmental interrelationship will be seriously disturbed.


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