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Environmental Unity Homework Help

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Environmental Unity

Botkin and Keller define environmental unity in the fifth edition of “Environmental science”. According to them environmental unity defines “it is not possible to change only one thing; everything affects everything else.” This means when one single thing is pulled out of the nature, it is found to be attached with the rest of the world. Among the principles of Environmental Science this definition seems to be one dogmatic principle. If this principle is applied to any circumstances like the present state of lagoon at Trexler Park, it seems to be very terrifying.

Some of the circumstances affect the environment in a negative manner. If we take the example of the above said lagoon that is ruining the watershed nearby and also disturbing the ecosystem associated with it. If all the algae present in that lagoon die and the excess nutrient will be created by their decomposition then there will be a devastating  situation in that lake. And also the watershed to which this lagoon flows into will also be polluted because of this lagoon and cerate environmental degradation in both the water bodies. Because of this environmental nightmare the food web in that ecosystem gets affected. So the whole environment right from the lower level to the higher level is getting disturbed. And hence the health of the entire organism related to the ecosystem is getting worse.

Now a day's some animals, some insects and some plants are disappearing. Some are having too less number than they should have and some species have completely become endangered. This is directly or indirectly affecting the environment. The ecosystem is getting unprotected. For each single thing done by us, even it is good or bad, small or large; has direct implications on the ecosystem.

As said by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, our planet earth is growing hotter day by day, the climate is also changing, the effect of global warming are felt more and more. All are because of the commotional environment.

Ecological restoration is needed ultimately as everything in the environment is interconnected.


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