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Components of Environment

Environment is the computation of all existing factors and non living factors that compile the surroundings of man. The external factors affecting an organism are also called as Environment. These factors may be biotic Components (living organisms) and abiotic components (nonliving variables).

Biotic components are the living things that form an ecosystem. Any living component that affects another organism is known as biotic factor. Abiotic components are non – living compound and physical elements in the environment. Components of environment can be listed into 4 major aspects - Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere.

Lithosphere - The earth’s outer layer consisting of the soil and rocks is the lithosphere. The soil is ended upon non-living and natural matter. There are 2 types of lithosphere namely oceanic lithosphere and continental lithosphere.

Hydrosphere - This comprise all water possessions both surface and ground water.  Only less than 1% of water resources are obtainable for human exploitation. Water is considered to be a widespread compound with unusual property.

Atmosphere - It is the state of layer adjoining the earth and extends up to 500 kms above the earth’s shell.  Atmosphere is also called as layer of gases.  The atmosphere, which is a gaseous wrap, protects the earth as of cosmic radiations and provides life supporting Oxygen.  The atmosphere plays a major role in asserting the heat balance of the earth by gripping the re-emitted radiation from the earth.

Biosphere - The biosphere is a shell encompassing the earth’s surface where all the living things subsist. This segment extends from 10000 m underneath sea level to 6000 m above sea level. Biosphere is the total computation of all ecosystems.

The environment involves examining the composite interaction between the people and the characteristic physical setting in which they accomplish their daily lives.


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