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Microbe Growth Kinetics

Microbe growth kinetics plays a significant role in the field of genetics, ecology, physiology and biotechnology of organisms. The microorganisms are spread everywhere and it has a versatile applications in each and every field. The first one to study and correlate the chemical reaction kinetics with microbial organisms was Hinshelwood in the year 1946. The earlier chemical reactions were studied separately. Both physical and chemical fact of microbial growth is directly coupled with biological reactions. The term auto synthesis correlates with autocatalytic reaction that is the activity of catalysis increases with synthesis of microbes. New beginning of microbial growth kinetics was flourished in the year 1950s. The growth was mediated with the development of culture system in a continuous mode with the help of chemostat invention.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered animalcules with the invention of quantitative depiction of microbial growth in the year 1675. The hanging method was introduced by Ward in the year 1895 to determine the doubling time of bacteria with the help of microscope and illustrated a rudimentary growth curve of microorganisms. The microbial growth kinetics was influenced by number of environmental factors as follows.

  • Temperature
  • Nature
  • Food concentration
  • Oxygen
  • Light spectrum
  • Antiseptic substance

Microbial Growth kinetics in Batch Fermentation:

In batch fermentation, microbe grows and has a batch curve. Growth curve of bacteria has the following phases as below.

  • Lag phase
    • Cells adapt to the new environment
    • Cell density increases
    • It may not be present in some fermentations
  • Exponential phase
    • Also referred as logarithmic growth phase
    • Cells adjust to new environment
    • There is an exponential growth of cells
  • Stationary phase
    • Cells divide and cells death are in equilibrium
    • Primary metabolite and secondary metabolite are produced
  • Death phase
    • Also referred as death phase
    • Death of cells is more than cell division


  • What is microbe growth kinetics?
  • What is microbe growth kinetics in batch fermentation?
  • What are phases of microbial growth?

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