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Importance Of Cost Accounting

The limitation of financial accounting has made the management to realize the importance of cost accounting. The importance of cost accounting is as follows:

  • Importance to Management

    Cost accounting provides invaluable help to management. It is difficult to indicate where the work of cost accountant ends and managerial control begins. The advantages are as follows:

    • Helps in ascertainment of cost

      Cost accounting helps the management in the ascertainment of cost of process, product, Job, contract, activity, etc., by using different techniques such as Job costing and Process costing.

    • Aids in Price fixation

      By using demand and supply, activities of competitors, market condition to a great extent, also determine the price of product and cost to the producer does play an important role. The producer can take necessary help from his costing records.

    • Helps in Cost reduction

      Cost can be reduced in the long-run when cost reduction programme and improved methods are tried to reduce costs.

    • Elimination of wastage

      As it is possible to know the cost of product at every stage, it becomes possible to check the forms of waste, such as time and expenses etc., are in the use of machine equipment and material.

    • Helps in identifying unprofitable activities

      With the help of cost accounting the unprofitable activities are identified, so that the necessary correct action may be taken.

    • Helps in checking the accuracy of financial account

      Cost accounting helps in checking the accuracy of financial account with the help of reconciliation of the profit as per financial accounts with the profit as per cost account.

    • Helps in fixing selling PricesIt helps the management in fixing selling prices of product by providing detailed cost information.
  • Importance to Employees

    Worker and employees have an interest in which they are employed. An efficient costing system benefits employees through incentives plan in their enterprise, etc. As a result both the productivity and earning capacity increases.

  • Cost accounting and creditors

    Suppliers, investor’s financial institution and other moneylenders have a stake in the success of the business concern and therefore are benefited by installation of an efficient costing system. They can base their judgement about the profitability and prospects of the enterprise upon the studies and reports submitted by the cost accountant.

  • Importance to National Economy

    An efficient costing system benefits national economy by stepping up the government revenue by achieving higher production. The overall economic developments of a country take place due to efficiency of production.

  • Data Base for operating policy

    Cost Accounting offers a thoroughly analysed cost data which forms the basis of formulating policy regarding day to day business. is a pioneer in online tutoring and homework help. Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject areas and have been helping students since 2003. For immediate Importance Of Cost Accounting homework help, use the homework-help form present on this page. You can also get help with your Importance Of Cost Accounting homework by writing to

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Cost Accounting Homework Help
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Live chat assistance with importance of cost accounting homework help
Live chat assistance with importance of cost accounting homework help