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Today out in the market there are numerous multithreaded applications mushrooming in large numbers.  People can hardly odd out a complete application which is not multithreaded in the era especially swelling with commercials. Incidentally these applications must adapt the multithreaded dimension to enhance the performance of the application systems. Often intelligent mechanisms when run into problems are difficult to solve for the structure and the built up could be complex. Multithreaded applications also bring problems such as deadlocks, race conditions and incorrect behavior of threads.

Problem Solving Abilities

When there are problems there must be some solutions to solve them. Likewise to remove these obstacles we are provided with certain OS who in turn contribute Mutex, Semaphores, and some applications to solve these complexities. So semaphores are one of such tools which help solving these problems. Semaphores in simple terms may be known as an indicator of the situation of a resource. This offset is a safe variable and a use cannot access it directly. This variable is protected by the kernel itself.

The process of Identifying the Problem

Using this semaphore is not complex for instance if the counter is greater than 0, then the resource is available and if the counter is less or 0 then the resource is busy or someone else availing the services. The man who invented this thing is Edsger Dijkstra, and the same application is being utilized for synchronization purposes by many those who have developed. Semaphores can be either binary or counting, depending on the number of shared resources. The value of the semaphore is begun by the process when the file is in access by it. After the initial processes are finished it starts again the semaphore value and now the second process uses it. Therefore semaphores are used to coordinate access to a resource by different processes.

Simple Steps to Follow

The semaphore must be made available and accessible to all processes so that they can read and check the value and also start and restart the value of semaphores appropriately. For example here is a command

$ ipcs  -s

Will able one to identify the list if active semaphores. The functions that can be used to make semaphores are semget ().  It deals with the three set of arguments as the name of the semaphore we are going to discuss and create, the number of sub semaphore to be created and the mode to be specified. These arguments will take us closer to the steps of removing deadlocks.


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