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Types of Building Foundation

The foundation of building should be very strong, because it is primary for the construction of building. If it is not strong enough to withstand building, then it is the trouble for the owner of house. It is very difficult to choose the building foundation; the foundation surely encompasses the type of building, nature of the soil, and environmental condition.  One thing should be kept in mind that is the type of building foundation must be designed according to the latest IBC (International building codes) and soil bearing because, the soil is very important to be known before foundation.

Type of Foundation

The types of building foundation are strip foundation, pad foundation, Raft foundation, and pile foundation.

Strip Foundation

This is the most used common type foundation for small buildings, where you have the strong soil base and non waterlogged areas. In most of the small buildings the floor area is constructed with this foundation. The depth of the foundation could be 600mm to 1200mm mostly for small scale buildings.  This is the cheapest.

Pad Foundation

Pad foundation is nothing, where the isolated column (pillars) is used from the foundation to support the slab, which is presented at the top of the ground. This kind of foundation is used for the people who wanted to make use of the bottom part of their building (underground) as parking area to park their vehicle.  If you want to build the house across the running stream and you want to park the boat under the building.  You simply apply pillars at the edge of river like bridge, this pillar is use to support your house and this foundation is referred as pad foundation.

Raft Foundation

This type of building foundation is used in the areas where the soil is sandy and loose soil. This foundation is seems to be costliest than the other two, which we discussed earlier. It is prepared in waterlogged areas but with the buildings of less storey’s.  This has the ground beam from the foundation base and it is attached with the ground floor slab. This ground beam is normally from 600mm to 1200mm for low buildings.

Pile Foundation

This foundation is the most preferable foundation for the building like skyscrapers. This is the costliest and is used for high rise buildings. This type of foundation requires the specialist engineering to do. The soil is bored deep and filled with concrete, because it has to withstand the load of multistory buildings.


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