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Types of Beam


The beam is the structure, which is capable of withstanding loads by resisting bending. The external load is the bending force induced into the material of the beam and this load is called bending movement. Generally beam is used to carry the vertical gravitational forces, but it is also can be used to carry the horizontal loads. A beam which uses to carry the loads can be transferred to columns, walls, and then it transfers to the adjacent structural compression members. In the modern construction the beams are made up of steel, reinforced concrete, or wood. The I-beam is commonly used in steel frame buildings and bridges. There are different types of beams are available. Deciding the proper beam design for a particular structure will be complicated process. To create a sound structural design, the selection of beams design should be careful.

Different Types of Beams

The different types of beams are; cantilever beams, steel I beam, Flitch beam, and hip beam design.

Cantilever Beam

Cantilever beam design used to create the floating or hovering effect. This is used to create of a bay window, balconies, and some bridges. The weight load is spread back to the main beams of the structure in the cantilever beams and allowing a portion of the structure to go beyond the supported perimeters of the structure foundation.

Steel I-Beam

 The very popular choice in the construction is no other than steel I-Beam. The I-Beam is also known as W shape. This is widely used in the steel construction. This I-Beam design is common fundamental beam design in commercial structures, but it can be used in the residential design also.

Flitch Beam

This beam is used for coating steel and wood to create a lightweight beam with adequate strength, so this beam design are composite beams. The addition of the wooden elements will allow the beam to be fixed to existing wooden structures. When compared with the steel beam, it is relatively less expensive. While maintaining the strict construction budget, this is used to support the heavy vertical loads. Flitch beam is very useful when the additional load carrying capacity to an existing beam.

Hip Beam design

The hip beam is one among the types of beam; it is very popular in roofing design. A hip beam will provide support for other load bearings beams branching off at symmetrical angles. This is more often used in the residential constructions.


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