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First Class Bricks


Bricks used for the construction work can be classified into two categories they are Unburnt or sun dried bricks and burnt bricks.

Unburnt or sundried bricks

These kinds of bricks are always used to get dried in sun after moulding, such kind of bricks are called as kucha bricks. These bricks are used in the temporary constructions like wall of the huts; it cannot be used in the area, where it is exposed to rains. Therefore it is not used for construction buildings, dams, etc.

Burnt Bricks

Burnt bricks are the one which is used for permanent constructions, like dam, bridges, Buildings, etc, and this can be exposed to rain also. These burnt bricks are tested by following test,

  • Absorption
  • Crushing strength
  • Hardness
  • Presence of soluble salts
  • Shape and size
  • Soundness
  • Structure

These are test used to determine the suitability of bricks. This burnt bricks are classified into four classes, they are first class bricks, second class bricks, third class bricks, and Kiln rejects: Zhama bricks and pila bricks.

First Class bricks

This brick is the well burnt table moulded brick, which is red or copper colour. This first class bricks has the uniform length and width and sharp well defined edges. This kind of bricks have reasonable smooth surface without having any flaws, cracks and stone grits. This is used for the construction of superior work.

First class bricks characteristics

  • They are sound well burnt bricks of uniform color.
  • They are hard enough, so that scratch with finger will not leave a mark.
  • They are uniform in size, rectangular in shape and well defined sharp edges.
  • They are not very smooth but they have clean surface.
  • If it stuck against the same type of brick, good metallic sound is obtained without any breeding.
  • If it is fractured, the interior surface of the bricks shows the uniform textures.
  • They do not absorb water of more than 15% of the dry weight
  • They have of the minimum crushing speed strength of 10.5N/mm2
  • Efflorescence presence is very little. These are characteristics of first class bricks.

First class bricks Uses

This brick is used for sound work of permanent nature, construction of load bearing walls, facia work which is not plastered but not properly jointed, reinforced brick work, pavements, walkaways and flooring.


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