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Classification of Surveying

Measuring dimensional relationships, as of horizontal distances, elevations, directions and angles on the earth's surface especially used to locate boundaries, construction layouts and map making is generally termed as surveying. Measuring the dimensional relationships among points, lines, and physical features on or near the Earth's surface is surveying. Basically, it tries to resolve horizontal distances, elevation differences, directions, and angles. Surveying has been an essential element in the development of human environment since the beginning of recorded history. There are many different kinds of surveys, commonly used ones are topographical surveying, land surveying and underground utilities surveying. Understanding and investigating the different types of surveying is easy when you learn more about these types of surveying.

Topographical Surveys or Topo Surveying

Studies and measurements related to earth’s surface are known as Topographical Surveying. This helps to find out the natural and artificial geographical features existing in large areas or even small areas, the contours and shape of the features and even vegetation and the influence of human presence. To maintain accurate details of various levels and contours of the land, aerial surveys are conducted. Survey teams with surveying equipments of which are easy to carry establish vertical and horizontal control points and it helps to find the exactness of measurement. In the new world data is collected and generated with the help of electronics.

Land Surveying

Determination of accurate measurement of the three dimensional positions of various points on a landscape is known as land surveying. The purpose of land surveying is to decide boundaries. Surveyors employed in the land surveying make land map finding out areas of private, communal and government ownership limits. In case of property disputes this surveying is used. For the procedure of sub dividing properties, new residential or town planning layouts, & when roads or other engineering structures are planned this type of surveying is used.

Underground Utilities Surveys

Underground Utilities Surveying is one of the most complicated and difficult type of investigation. Surveyors are supposed to find out what is there in underground which are not seen. Before doing any development it has to be discovered what, if anything is lying under the ground. Chances are there for drains, electrical or gas cables, sink holes, water pipes or water pockets or buried tanks. Collect every drawing, plan or bit of electronic data available for the given area is the first level of exploration. Straight lines that show the undeviating distance between them are drawn and this reduces the difficulty in searching.


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