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Classification Of Glass Homework Help

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Classification of Glass


Glass is the non crystalline solid material. They are brittle and transparent. It is normally used for windows, bottles, and spectacles.  Many glasses contain silica as their main components and glass former. Glass plays an important role in science and industry. Their chemical, physical, and optical properties make them suitable for applications such as; flat glass, container glass, optic and optoelectronics material, glass art, etc.   We can discuss about the classification of glass.

Classification of glass

The classification of glass includes Soda lime, Lead glass, pressed glass, Depression glass, and studio glass.

Soda lime

This is the most common type of glass, and it is consider being the least expensive from the glass. In the 13th century it was first made in Venice, where the glass makers formed molten glass into elaborate shapes. This glass is not highly resistant to high temperatures or the sudden changes in the temperature and is not corrosive resistant too.

Lead glass

This glass is one among the classification of glass and it also called as lead glass, lead crystal, and crystal. This type of glass was first developed in Europe, during 17th century. The presence of lead oxide is in more percentage. This is more expensive than soda glass; it is more soft and brilliant. It is also used for insulating purposes or thermometer tubing, other than being used for artistic work. It is likely to have bubbles, which help while cutting, but it will not withstand high temperature or change in temperature.

Pressed glass

From the mold, pressed glass is made and it is comparatively less valuable than cut glass. It is easily identifiable by the mold line and less sharply faceted decoration. During Victorian years it got popular, particularly in US, France, Bohemia, and Sweden.

Depression glass

This glass got popular during great depression, and was distributed free or at low cost along with food. Depression glass is produced with various colors and patterns. It is not of good quality, but seems to be highly collectable since 1960s.

Studio Glass

Dale chihuly and Harvey Littleton an artists in the US started Studio glass in the 50s and 60s. Since they started it became a field of artists, like painting or sculpture, but the glass was produced in the factories before they started. As the glass was produced in the artist’s studio and it was appreciated as a piece of art.


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