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Doll Eye Phenomenon Homework Help

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Doll’s Eye Phenomenon

The oculocephalic reflex is referred as doll’s eye phenomenon. The movement of eyes in order to maintain the forward gazing in response to neck rotation in a specific direction is referred as doll’s eye phenomenon. It can be a natural response in a normal individual. In medicine, doll’s eye phenomenon or oculocephalic reflex can be determined by analyzing pathology of vestibular reflex action in a diseased patient. However in case of persons suffering from brain injuries and other major accidents can have negative impact on oculocephalic reflex and are considered as so poor prognosis. Doll’s eye phenomenon is carried out in order to assess whether a patient is dead.

Oculocephalic reflex technique includes testing of eye when patient’s eye is open. Head should be rotated briskly on both the sides. When the brain stem cells are intact with each other, whereas the gaze shall deviates contra in a lateral side and the patient look moves away from the head rotation. However if the patient’s brain stem cells are damaged, then the individual eye shall follow the head direction.

Vestibulo ocular reflex is also referred as oculovestibular reflex. It is a type of reflex action and it stabilize the images that fall on retina when the head moves and the movement is induced by eye movement in direction opposite to the movement of head. It preserves the image when it falls on center of visual field. For instance, when head moves in right direction, then eye moves in left direction and vice versa. In case of comatose patients, when the cervical spine is in intact position, vestibulo ocular reflex performance is by turning the head from one side to the other. Eye moves in a conjugate direction of turning. It is similar to doll’s eye movement and it resembles comatose patient brain stem cells intact.


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