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  • Classof1 was started in 2003. This makes it one of the oldest and most trusted online homework help service providers!
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  • Classof1 services thousands of homework help requests every year.
  • Classof1 provides homework help across 65 advanced and basic college subjects.
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Why do Students Love Homework Help from Classof1?

The solutions are self explanatory. You guys should keep it up"-Joseph

What is homework?

Homework is an assignment given to students by teachers to be completed outside the class. It adds to the learning experience of students who are usually monitored by the teacher. Homework is usually a planned part of the education process and it is supposed to enhance students learning skills.

Homework is often viewed as an activity which has to do with solving a bunch of questions at home. This is because homework assignments are usually associated with reviewing of the material taught in class and reinforcing those concepts by solving practice questions. However Homework does not always consist of a set of questions to be answered at home. Sometimes it requires students to complete anything that has not been completed in class also. Often it includes home preparation for the next day's class or lecture. Homework sometimes even involves the application of classroom teaching for something creative by expanding on classroom learning.

Why are homework assignments given?

Homework helps students to meet certain learning expectations. Homework assignments also help to demonstrate and build long term and consistent partnership between school and home which ultimately results in the creation of an extension of the academic environment away from school. It helps students to develop good learning skills along with important life skills like time management and develop a sense of responsibility. It helps build rote memorization, deepens understanding and prepares students for new information. Homework also helps students to improve their thinking and memory. It helps students to learn to use their knowledge and skills to new situations and thus develop good problem solving skills.

Why do students need homework help?

It might be easier to understand why students need homework help, if it is approached along with why students find doing their homework difficult.

Students find their homework to be hard for many reasons. Time management is one of the reasons. Sometimes students delay working on their homework and end up struggling and panicking when time starts running out. At other times they are not able to focus on their homework assignments due to other activities including studying for other subjects.  When it comes to finishing homework, at times it may become a difficult and wearisome activity.  A boring job is not easy to finish.

With some help and discipline most students would be able to complete their homework assignments successfully. For example if students prioritize their activities for the day, they could be able to allocate some time for all their activities and their homework efforts would not have to suffer. Homework Help need not always be from an external source. By planning their days students may be able to do help themselves without being bogged down with the multiple demands on their time.

Some homework and assignments are designed to help students develop their grasp over a topic which they have just started learning. Unfamiliar concepts and topics make it difficult for students to finish their assignments easily. Again, some assignments may be interdisciplinary in nature while others could call for in-depth knowledge in areas like research methodology, writing, formatting, etc. And while some student may have a good knowledge of the homework subject itself, they may not have knowledge in some related requirement which is necessary to finish their assignments.

These are the instances when a student might have to seek homework help from external sources such as libraries, online resources, parents, peers or online homework help services. Since the bottleneck is usually weak fundamentals in the main homework topic or in a related area, approaching expert tutors would not only save time for the students but also help them strengthen their basics once again. Of course the online homework help service has to be reliable since only tutors with relevant expertise and experience in the area can offer the necessary homework assistance without wasting the student's time.

We at have been offering online homework help since 2003 and offer homework assistance 24/7.   

What makes online homework help popular?

Online homework help can be availed over internet from the convenience of home. It is usually affordable and time saving. Apart from connecting expert tutors with students at the hour of need, it comes with options such as live and email based, e.g. students may chat with a tutor in real time or send them their questions in their time and the tutors reply in their time. Such services also usually offer assistance across a wide range of subjects. For example at we offer college homework help in over 60 subjects. This means, if any homework requires interdisciplinary expertise then at, it can be handled by a team of tutors with the relevant expertise. Students would receive all the assistance they need at one place from the convenience of their home and at all times of the day. Thus whether it is about strengthening the basics, understanding the applications of subject related concepts or using advanced knowledge to complete a homework or assignment, can help students with all types of homework.
This ability to bundle convenience with quality, efficiency and 24/7 service facility is what makes online homework help service providers popular.

How to Choose a Great Homework Help Service Provider?

Today there are many homework help service providers but all do not have the requisite capabilities to help a student through all kinds of homework. While sifting through all these websites the first thing that students should check is the website's age. The older it is, the longer it has assisted students and the more reliable it could be. For example has been helping students with their homework since 2003. This long experience has helped us to assist students very efficiently and with very high quality of service.

The next thing to look for is social signals, for example how many Facebook fans a website has got, how many Twitter followers it has got, etc. Typically websites with a strong reputation would have a strong following on Social Media. has over 2000 Facebook fans and over 3000 Twitter followers. These are some of the signals which support our reputation among our customers.

About Homework Help Service has offed Homework Help as a service since 2003. We have over a decade of experience in this area and offer help across over 60 subjects ranging from accounting, economics, statistics, finance, math to engineering, medical science, business management and humanities. The complete range of subjects can be viewed below in the footer as well as on the Homework Help form present at the top of the page.

We have a team of highly qualified tutors who have a strong experience in assisting students with their homework and assignments. Our strong background in tutoring and academics makes us extremely capable of understanding students' requirements and allows us to assist students with their homework.

Our homework help service is available 24/7 and we ensure an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. Students can get in touch with our customer service at any time over email ( or by doing a live-chat by clicking on the chat button given at the top of the page. They can also call our toll-free number listed at the top of the page. Our customer service is also available 24/7.

If you have an assignment or homework which you need assistance with, then help is just a click away. Complete the homework help form given at the top of this page and we will get in touch with you within 10 minutes! For any query or information about our homework help service, please feel free to talk to our customer service. is a safe, secure and trusted website as certified by Norton Secure (powered by VeriSign)
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Live chat assistance with your homework
Live chat assistance with your homework