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About Us

Classof1, a pioneer in online education, provides comprehensive online tutoring and e-learning courseware development services to the school, college, and university student communities. We have helped thousands of students succeed in meeting their educational goals through supplemental instruction and guidance beyond their regular classroom studies. Whether tutoring is needed for K-12 grade students struggling in Math class or gifted students wanting to get ahead, we have customized programs available to meet everyone's needs. Our other services include instructional design, assessment item development and an end to end software infrastructure for K-12 schools. Continue to read below to know more about us.

Educational Services

We offer supplemental educational services to individual students in the form of 24/7 online tutoring, homework and test preparation help. We provide a pool of highly experienced and qualified tutors to help them excel in their classes be it K-12, College or graduate level. To know more about our supplemental education services, please visit